The Ministry of Defence (MoD), India or Raksha Mantralay is the governmental organisation that looks after matters related to armed forces that are tasked with maintaining national security.

The roles and responsibility of MoD are

  • To supervise expenses and finances of Armed Forces.
  • Allot specific budget to each Armed Force from the total Defence Budget.
  • Procure defence equipment for the Armed Forces.
  • Maintain a link between Armed Forces and Central Government.
  • Conduct training of the Armed Forces.
  • Organise military exercises and training with other nations.

The head of MoD is the Defence Minister or Raksha Mantri. The MoD works closely with other federal departments like Ministry of External Affairs, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Finance and National Security Council among many other agencies. The budget allotted to MoD is Rs. 3,59,854 crore ($53.5 billion), highest among other ministries.

The MoD consists of four Departments-
  • Department of Defence (DoD) : Deals with the Integrated Defence Staff (IDS), the four Services(Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard) and various Inter-Service Organisations(BRO, IMA, MES, NDA) and is responsible for the Defence Budget, India’s Defence policy, Defence co-operation with other nations.
  • Department of Defence Production (DPP) : Deals with defence production, indigenisation of imported foreign equipments, planning and control of departmental production units of the Ordnance Factories Board and other governmental defence production organisations like HAL, GRSE, BDL, GSL, etc
  • Department of Defence Research & Development (DRDO) : Deals with indigenous research and development of defence equipment. Heads numerous research labs like ADE, ARDE, DIAT, DRDL, GTRE, IRDE, HEMRL, etc. for research in defence technology and production.
  • Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (DESW) : Looks after the welfare, resettlement and rehabilitation of Ex-Service men, war widows and their dependents. It also deals with pension policies for the Armed Forces personnel and redressal of grievances of Ex-servicemen.

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